International Engineering & Technologies

About IET

International Engineering & Technologies, Inc. is a company specialized in:

  • Design & Engineering
  • Robot simulation & programming
  • Controls design & PLC programming
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Line integration support
  • SMX/Laser Measurement
  • Information technologies
  • Training

The headquarters of International Engineering & Technologies, Inc. is located in Madison Heights, Michigan.

International Engineering & Technologies, Inc. (I.E.T.) was founded in 1995 in order to provide quality and competitive solutions in design, engineering, manufacturing and information technologies for our clients.

Currently International Engineering & Technologies, Inc. is providing optimum solutions in design, engineering, manufacturing and IT for many prominent companies throughout the world.

Our business model gives us the ability to provide quality solutions with local support and leading competitive rates for our customers.

We take pride in the services we offer, drawing upon a network of highly educated and well-trained professionals to effectively deliver to our organization the capabilities and services required to be a quality and cost effective resource for our clients. We are a company focusing on Product Process Program and Resources.

As part of our commitment to quality, we impose rigorous requirements for employment.

Our high standards require a staff that is dedicated towards achieving results; via anticipation of and definition of client requirements, development of innovative and state-of-the-art solutions and the successful implementation of programs.

Accordingly, the individuals selected to fill these positions must be capable of the responsibility attendant to their profession.


The company has grown into a global organization with companies located in the United States of America and in Europe, in Romania (Central European country, EU member since 2007).


The Company was established by Florian Peretz, Romanian born citizen, naturalized in the United States.
International Engineering & Technologies Inc. was registered in the state of Michigan, USA, in 1995 as woman based Minority Company,and it is part of companies owned by Peretz Family .

International Engineering & Technologies Inc. is part of GEO-BETA Enterprises LLC which is the fourth company incorporated by Mr. Florian Peretz following the begining of incorporation in 1991 of TEAM Resources Romania SRL, and after the acquisition in 1992 from TEAM Resources Inc. USA of its branch in Romania he incorporated in the same year TEAM Resources Romania SRL, Inc. in Michigan USA.

In 1998 the Peretz family sold 50% ownership of TEAM Resources Romania SRL, Inc. and its affiliate Team Resources Romania SRL, Oradea, Romania to Progressive Tool Corporation, (PICO). In the same year the family transferred the remaining 50% ownership of TEAM Resources Romania SRL, Inc. to Geo-Beta Enterprises LLC.

In 1999 the Wisne/PICO GROUP were sold to FIAT GROUP, and at the same time was sold the 50% ownership in TEAM Resources Romania SRL, Inc. and the ownership was took over by COMAU GROUP, a subsidiary of the FIAT GROUP.

International Engineering & Technologies Inc. with its office in Michigan, USA, was a Design and Engineering Company, which under the management of Florian Peretz was growing successfully.

In 2001 Geo-Beta Enterprises LLC sold the 50% ownership in TEAM Resources Romania SRL, Inc. together with its affiliate in Romania, to COMAU/PICO GROUP.

Florian Peretz was kept until January 1, 2005, as the CEO and Chairman of TEAM Resources Romania SRL, company which was later renamed COMAU Romania SRL.

In 1995, International Engineering and Technologies Inc. was incorporated as woman based Minority Company. IET is 100% owned by Mrs. Marioara Peretz (Mr. Florian Peretz-wife).

Since its incorporation to present, Geo-Beta Enterprises LLC, have financed the growth of International Engineering and Technologies Inc.  and its branches in Romania.

At the end of 2005 the Board of Directors of International Engineering and Technologies Inc. decided to transfer the entire ownership of S.C. Imobinvest International SRL from Mrs. Peretz and S.C. GMAB Consulting SRL, into the ownership of Geo-Beta Enterprises LLC.

At the same meeting was taken the decision to transfer the ownership of S.C. AMECON International SRL, S.C. LEMNEST Wood Works SRL and S.C. Flamarex SRL to SC Imobinvest Internatioanal SRL.

In March 2006, Florian Peretz returns as Managing Director of I.E.T GROUP